Here is the space where I share my work.

 My solo project Invisible Mitch, my production music project Emvoés and

my music-art/visual Creative Projects are gathered in this website.

For tutoring and songwriting/production requests please contact me here


Invisible Mitch

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Invisible Mitch is a real soul who observes and criticises nowadays’ society.

Being invisible they can feel, touch, live and try to change what they hates, without being part of it.

A powerful and fragile voice lays on edgy guitars, velvety synths and heavy drums. A true human edgy journey of realisation.


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Emvoés is the ancient greek word to say 'ear noises'.

Under this name I compose and produce music for video production.

Electronic music and guitars will lead you through new unexplored places.


Creative Projects


Creative Projects.

I compose and produce for visual artists' project and immersive experiences. 

Here's the blog to keep updated with my collaborations.